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ATTRIBUTION: The original contributors to the lists used to build The Software can be found here:

  1. AI
  2. Android
  3. Angular
  4. AWS
  5. C++
  6. Deep Learning
  7. Docker
  8. Elixir
  9. Emacs
  10. Flask
  11. Go
  12. GraphQL & Relay
  13. iOS
  14. Java
  15. JavaScript
  16. Kotlin
  17. Laravel
  18. Mac
  19. Machine Learning
  20. PHP
  21. PostgreSQL
  22. Python
  23. R
  24. React Native
  25. ReactJS
  26. Ruby
  27. Rust
  28. Scala
  29. Security
  30. Self Hosted
  31. Swift
  32. SysAdmin
  33. Vue.js
  34. Web Security
  35. Windows

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